• Write your own plugin
  • Write your own plugin

    Welcome to the device plugin documentation!

    Writing your own plugin for the nymea system is easier than it looks like. Here you can find an overview of all information you need for building the connection to a device or service. Developing a new plugin provides you automatically with the full power of all nymea function like the RuleEngine, LogEngine and brings immeadiatly a client. You don't have to take care about the client management and any other functionality which should make the development straight forward and you can concentrate on your plugin and the content is should cover.

    If you are a beginner, and want to start from scratch with the plugin development check out the Plugin tutorials and start with the very first tutotial.

    If you need to interact with a HardwareResource, you can check out the Hardware Resources documentation.



    1. The plugin wizard

    Explanation of the Qt Creator plugin wizard template

    2. Your very first plugin

    A simple button example for showing the basic concepts of a DevicePlugin.