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  • HardwareManager Class

    The main entry point when interacting with hardware resources More...

    Header: #include <HardwareManager>
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    Public Functions

    HardwareManager(QObject * parent = nullptr)
    virtual ~HardwareManager()
    virtual BluetoothLowEnergyManager * bluetoothLowEnergyManager() = 0
    virtual MqttProvider * mqttProvider() = 0
    virtual NetworkAccessManager * networkManager() = 0
    virtual PluginTimerManager * pluginTimerManager() = 0
    virtual Radio433 * radio433() = 0
    virtual UpnpDiscovery * upnpDiscovery() = 0
    virtual PlatformZeroConfController * zeroConfController() = 0

    Protected Functions

    void setResourceEnabled(HardwareResource * resource, bool enabled)

    Detailed Description

    The main entry point when interacting with hardware resources

    See also HardwareResource.

    Property Documentation

    pluginTimerManager : PluginTimerManager * const

    Access functions:

    virtual PluginTimerManager * pluginTimerManager() = 0

    Member Function Documentation

    HardwareManager::HardwareManager(QObject * parent = nullptr)

    Constructs a new HardwareManager with the given parent.

    [virtual] HardwareManager::~HardwareManager()

    The virtual destructor of the HardwareManager.

    [pure virtual] BluetoothLowEnergyManager * HardwareManager::bluetoothLowEnergyManager()

    Returns the BluetoothLowEnergyManager HardwareResource.

    [pure virtual] MqttProvider * HardwareManager::mqttProvider()

    Returns the MqttProvider HardwareResource.

    [pure virtual] NetworkAccessManager * HardwareManager::networkManager()

    Returns the NetworkAccessManager HardwareResource.

    [pure virtual] Radio433 * HardwareManager::radio433()

    Returns the Radio433 HardwareResource.

    [protected] void HardwareManager::setResourceEnabled(HardwareResource * resource, bool enabled)

    Sets the given resource to enabled. This allows to enable/disable individual HardwareResources.

    [pure virtual] UpnpDiscovery * HardwareManager::upnpDiscovery()

    Returns the UpnpDiscovery HardwareResource.

    [pure virtual] PlatformZeroConfController * HardwareManager::zeroConfController()